About Us...

MAC ART is the story of a 25-year adventure in the advertising industry. Since the day we were founded, we have undertaken many brands' design and communication promotion activities and have always tried to fulfill our mission successfully. At MAC ART, we closely follow new advertising trends. We help your target customers to communicate with innovative marketing techniques.

Thanks to the creative works of our qualified and experienced team, who have been working in harmony for a long time, both in digital and traditional channels, we have supported the growth of many brands.


Creative Design

Services such as website and social media designs offered by Mac Art Advertising Agency to its customers are determined according to the target audience and are created by professional designers.

Social Media Marketing Management

The creative content created by Mac Art Design and Communication Agency for digital media / social media platforms has the most intensive working system. We constantly produce the latest ideas and content for your digital media (social media management, website, blog site).

Fast E-export Solutions

Shopify/Ticimax/Ideasoft etc. We make your ready-made E-Commerce sites ready for sale.

Content texts of all products, editing, and scaling of photos.

Cargo, Accounting, Payment systems, etc. integrations.

Preparation of contracts (Search Engine Registration, About Us, Help, etc.).

Export-supported Social Media Marketing Consultancy

We Make Your Website Suitable for Marketing Activities.

We prepare it by original, modern professional designers.

Thanks to our SEO infrastructure, we easily enable you to reach in Google searches.

We are a reliable, sustainable advertising agency that you can get 24/7.

Possibility to easily update your website with our control panel.

Branding / Corporate Designs

Our professional team makes logotype, corporate identity, and packaging designs.