If we start telling a child about our feelings for them from the moment they are born, we have a long way to go because our children make us experience the strongest emotions. That's why we took our first step with feelings of compassion, innocence, and love, just like our joy in their first step. We analyzed our brand just like our babies examine the world when they first open their eyes. And just like he gripped our fingers tightly, we embraced our brand.

We have done branding and corporate design studies.

We made our choice of logo with designs suitable for the corporate identity. We explained the softness of the feeling of compassion with colors. Our team carefully planned works such as editing and scaling of photos and product content texts. We prepared slider and banner designs.

We have prepared visual and video content for social media.

We have prepared visual and video content suitable for the brand for social media platforms. Our brand with the likes of users

We increased the interaction rate by 85%. During the campaign period we prepared according to target audience analysis, we expanded this rate to 420%.

We reached 4500 followers in 4 months, and we brought our video and visual content together with 471,033 users. Qualified with the increase in sales rates

We supported the importance of using social media.

sosyal medya yonetimi
sosyal medya yonetimi

We did e-commerce page marketing, content production, and website optimization.

We made our e-commerce site ready for sale to bring BeeTee Kids products first to our families and then to our children. We did analytics placements for Google. We prepared the legal processes with documents and realized our credit card integration. Web Site Optimization We improved the site user experience by making in-site optimizations. Content Production, We developed the site by producing content to enhance the Web site.

We produced blog content.

We have created informative blog content for our families who always think the best for their children.

In this way, we ensured a sincere and natural interaction between the brand and the user.